Obey 2017 | October Goals

October?! Gracious day. Where has 2017 gone, y’all?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. My calendar in October is full of BIG, GOOD stuff, but that means I have to hone in *tight* on the right things. I’m keeping my goals for this month as simple as possible to keep me focused on what matters and tune out what doesn’t.

Monthly Goals

  • Host Homecoming weekend, launch party, and two supper clubs
  • Study 3 chapters of CPA material
  • Launch the new brand!
  • Write website copy prayerfully
  • Schedule social media for the whole month (I am thrilled to report that it’s only October 1 and this is mostly DONE!)

Weekly Goals

  • Plan meals and stick to the schedule
  • Run 3 times
  • Turn off social media for the weekend

Daily Goals

  • Wake up for 90 minutes of quiet time each morning
  • Stay off social media at work (I’m anticipating this to be my hardest goal!)
  • Choose to serve: in seasons of busyness, I know this is even more important. I’m holding myself accountable by making it a real goal on my tending list!

That’s all, folks! Happy October!

October 2017 Goals

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