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love August, y’all. As it’s my birthday month, I’ve had a fondness for August for as long as I can remember, but now that I perpetually live in the world of higher ed, I love that it means campus will be full again, new students will be starting their journey at Baylor, and the return to a routine is just around the corner.

July Recap

First, some July updates. This was a GOOD month of progress. It’s amazing what can happen when you’re actually in town every weekend of the month!

  • Finish re-covering the chair
  • Create a budget for Jolie Joie I’m moving this one to August. 
  • Develop expense/revenue tracking system that works
  • Answer the phone. Invest in your people.
  • Plan launch collection I am just beside myself with excitement for you to see what I’ve been working on!

August Goals

My word for this month is “celebrate.” There is so much GOOD ahead, and I want to savor every bit of it. As a reminder for myself, I made this my phone background, and it’s up for you to grab here as well! Let’s make August a party, people.

August goals

Monthly Goals

  • Budget for the biz and stick to it
    I am experimenting with Xero this month, and I am excited to share the process with you! Biz ladies, I’ll be checking back in with all my tips and findings. 
  • Seek counsel regarding the legal and financial implications of rebranding
    This is terrifying. I’m going to send the scary emails! 
  • Write birthday notes to my people
    What a 24th year it’s been. I am deeply grateful for friends who surround in prayer and celebration from every corner of the country, and I want to recognize that as I head into a new year of life. God is good! 
  • Have a meal with each of my family members
    God is stirring in the Wieters family, and I am so grateful for the work I see him doing in each person’s heart. I want to be intentional to seek out time to hear about what He’s teaching my parents and my siblings. 
  • Gather people for Breakfast for Dinner on August 24
    I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. If you live in Waco and you’ve wondered (like the rest of us), “How on earth is anyone supposed to find young adult community here?”, I want to invite you. Send me an email and we’ll chat. This is a new tradition we’re starting and I’m fired up to gather. 
  • Gather for a back to school dinner
    My big birthday gift this year is a big ol’ bench for my extra long harvest table, and I plan on getting GOOD use out of it as often as possible by gathering people around my table! Y’all know I love to gather, but I was further inspired by this episode of the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast–take a listen. 
  • Stick to the (personal) budget!
    I am on track to pay off all of my debt by October 2018, and I am ready to fight to the death to meet that goal! 
  • Finish a book.
    If you follow along on Instagram, you saw that I got a library card last week. I want to put it to good use and start checking off books on Goodreads. 

Weekly Goals

  • Eat 16 Paleo meals
    Coming out of Whole30, I want to maintain this new lifestyle to an extent. It has made me feel just plain good, so I want to hold that constant, but be realistic in allowing margin for “regular” meals, too. We’ll see how it goes…
  • Run twice
    It is so dang hot, and I’m using that as an excuse not to run long distance outside. I’m going to opt for indoor runs and suck it up–something is better than nothing. 
  • Send happy mail!
    This used to make a regular appearance on my tending list and had fallen off, but I have a whole mess of people moving into new life stages and transitions and I want to be an encouragement from right where I am. 
  • Memorize a new verse in Ephesians 4
    I’ve been using the Verses app for over a year now, and it is amazing. I memorized Ephesians 1-2 in 2016, and am starting August having memorized Ephesians 3-4:10. I highly recommend it if you’re wanting to commit more scripture to memory!
  • Social media free weekend
    These are so life-giving, and I’m always grateful I commit to them. 

Daily Goals

  • Pray over the little lettering biz and the future
    In July I committed to praying over one thing for the entire month. I don’t know the full fruits of that, but I do know that it had major transformative effects on my heart to carve out that time to listen to the Lord and seek Him intentionally in that one request. This month I’m adding a couple items to the list of things to seek His voice in daily. 
  • Complete a 15 minute workout at home
    This might be silly. But I’ve been doing this little arm workout and I have high hopes–I just want to be consistent in forming this habit. 
  • Hit 10,000 steps
    Again, it’s so hot. But this fell way off the bandwagon in July, and I want to cultivate this as a healthy habit. 
  • Write the Word
    This was another consistent action step in July that had such profound impact on my heart, and that time is such a refreshing way to start the day. 
  • Listen to the chronological Bible
    This was one of my goals for the year, and I’ve fallen extremely behind. Getting through Chronicles and Kings is hard, y’all! But, I’m cultivating it because it matters. Stay tuned. 

How can I celebrate you and your goals for August? I would love to encourage you! Leave a comment below and tell me what you want to make progress on this month.

Cheers to August, friends!

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