Obey 2017 | May Goals

“It’s okay to grow slow.” Those are the “encouraging words” I picked as a theme to go back to for all of my May goals. Slow progress is still progress, and I can always use a reminder to slow down. The Lord is working in big, deep ways in my life right now, and as much as I’d love to rush ahead to the finish line and see the whole picture in its entirety, there is so much to be learned in the process. Growing slowly is the only way to soak it all in.

Monthly Goals

Be present. Put the phone down.
Find and budget for a June 10K: my goal is to run one race every quarter! Know any good races in June? I’m willing (hoping!) to travel!

Research and commit monthly to one Waco ministry: I would love suggestions for this one, too!

Update website and move shop back to Etsy: because it’s simpler. Because I’m growing slowly.

Create new book club list: I’m not a reader. I’m a numbers girl. But I’m trying! I’m starting with Lauren Graham’s novel, “Someday, Someday Maybe.” What are your favorites?

FINISH. ALL. TAXES. (thank you, LORD, for extensions)

Call my mama! (She knows stuff)

Try 5 Whole30 meals: my hope is that if I can find meals I like, I can stick to it. What are your favorites?

Call all inside circle gals (more on this here)

Weekly Goals

Pray through prayer journal

Cross train and RUN!

Schedule social media

Explore a Waco restaurant

Write the Word

Set aside time to meditate: not like the yoga kind of meditate, but the shut-it-all-down-and-listen-to-the-Lord-intently kind of meditate. It makes a world of difference and this kind of quiet and space is so very needed in a busy world

Daily Goals

Gratitude journal

Listen to Scripture: YouVersion has changed the way I spend my morning Bible time! I love to listen to the chronological plan while I get ready in the mornings.

Pray over Jolie Joie

Walk Zoe: she loves it, I love being outside, and it’s about to be too dang hot, so let’s make it happen this month

Read before bed

Memory verse: I use the Verses app on the iPhone and I LOOOOOVE it. I started memorizing Ephesians last year, and it really, truly starts to transform my mind when I’m diligent in memorizing. What tools do you use to commit passages to memory?

Be in bed by 10pm

Okay, your turn! What progress are you hoping to make in May?

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