Jolie Joie is just a little lettering dream come true for a sassy southern gal with a deep love for sweet tea, pretty letters, and every day celebrations.

If you need bridesmaid gifts (they have enough seersucker PJ shorts and monogrammed floral robes, I promise!), a card for your bestie or your sweetheart with a quote that Halmark just doesn’t print, or the perfect framable print for your living room, you’re in just the right place. But how did this little lettering biz come about? Read on to hear our story!

Hi, y’all!

My name is Madeline, and I am the hand behind the hand lettering at Jolie Joie. I am an accountant by trade and a creative entrepreneur by passion. My favorite part of running this little lettering biz is getting to add a fun flair to your celebrations, both the every day and the once-in-a-lifetime. I’m so glad you stopped by. Take a look around and learn about the beautiful joy Jolie Joie is committed to flinging near and far!

Just a Texas Girl with Sweet Tea and a Brush Pen

After doodling cursive all over my class notes and addressing hundreds of envelopes for friends’ weddings over the years, Jolie Joie finally became the “real deal” in May 2015 out of my college apartment. When the time came to choose a name for my little lettering biz, I wanted to communicate two things: my love for traveling and exploring, and the sweet, sweet joy that I was experiencing in that season of tight community and all around goodness. And so, “Jolie Joie” – “beautiful joy” in French – came about, encompassing both.

I believe that words have the capacity to spread a LOT of joy left and right and up and down to just about anyone. I consider it the greatest privilege to take the joy that pretty words bring me and spread it all over the place. I love adding a hand lettered touch to your celebrations or to your home through prints, envelopes, maps, chalkboards…if it can sit still, I’ll letter it!

On the other side of my brain, I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in accounting, and in 2016 I will (Lord-willing) complete all four sections of my CPA exam. I am a sixth generation Texan, though I’m happiest anywhere in the mountains. I love college football and will cheer first for the Baylor Bears and second for whoever is playing TCU. I love Gilmore Girls and Pinot Noir, Christmas lights and traveling on trains. My mornings start with Jesus and Diet Coke (Sonic is my love language) and I’d like to be Julie Andrews when I grow up.

My “focus word” for 2016 is “celebrate.” It is my hope that Jolie Joie will encourage and inspire celebration and joie (joy) as much in your life as it does in mine. Cheers to you, friend, for making my little lettering dream happen!

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